Lake Norman Monster Sighting

Stumpy Creek – 2013-05-19

Sighting Reported By:
Harmony, NC


My son-in-law & I were setting right of the bank at stumpy creek in my boat one night cat fishing. It was about 11 pm & we hadn’t had a bite all night. When all of a sudden one of my reels started screaming. Keep in mind I have 50lb test on some big reels looking for the beast of the deep. Any ways, I grabbed my reel and I knew instantly that this was the biggest thing that I had ever hooked in my 30 years of fishing. I fought, let it take line, so as not to break it, and finally got it to were I could see it breaking the water. My son-n-law started hollering, “whats going on WHATS GOING ON” I said grab the net. He reached down with the net and out of the darkness he pulled up, almost screaming, “THATS THE BIGGEST FISH I EVER SAW THATS THE BIGGEST FISH I EVER SAW” Thats right seen it with my own 2 eyes, topling the scale at a whopping 49.1 lb beautiful blue cat. Lake Norman does have monsters in it. That beast was 44 inches long and 31 inches around. Could of ate a small child.