Lake Norman Monster Sighting

Crown Harbor Marina – 2012-01-08

Sighting Reported By:
Cornelius, NC


So, I had been telling this story for awhile of a fall day me and my friend who also lived in Crown Harbor were on her dock we went every single day and sat out there or swam if it was warm but we were always out there. Well on this day it was pretty foggy and chilly well we look over and both see this super big creature making a hump in the water it was dark black and like HUGE. Not a snake. It was crazy, me and her looked at each other and freaked out. I’ve never ever seen anything like it. We were terrified, I lived over there for awhile and fished all the time. Another time me and my friend were down at a dock and it was night time and something huge jumped out at us, towards us like it were trying to eat us we took off running I’m so scared to know what’s under there but so curious, I just now and posting this because I got curious about the history of Lake Norman and came across this page and was spooked how people have the same story and description of this creature.