Lake Norman Monster Sighting

Cowens Ford Dam – 2020-01-15

Sighting Reported By:
Caleb Tyler
Cornelius, NC


It was a quiet and peaceful winter morning – you know, one of those mornings where the mist rises out of the lake high into the sky – I was just paddling along when all of the sudden, a bright light flashed from beneath. I stared down into the water and saw to my shock that the depths of the lake were illuminated with a ghostly white light. I see all sorts of creatures swimming in the glowing depths. Some were beautiful, others ugly, and some were just plain terrifying. But the greatest shock came when I stared into the light and realized I saw a black circle like a pupil in the middle of the glowing sphere – I THEN REALIZED IT WAS THE GLOWING EYE OF A GIANT MONSTER!!!