Lake Norman Monster Sighting

Sherrills Ford – 2013-01-16

Sighting Reported By:
Chris Morrow
Sherrills Ford, NC


So I’ve lived on this lake my whole 29 years of existence, I’ve heard all these CRAZY stories about “Normie” and all… never believed it. But me, my sister, our nephew and neice all went swimming one day when we decided that we were all gonna jump off the dock at the same time, and see if we could wake the dock really hard, just being bored. we jumped, and all of us came up, except my neice. Then out of nowhere screaming, panick sat in ad i swam under the dock to my neice, who luckily had about 14 inches of room between the bottom of the dock, and the water, just to breathe. Something hit my foot… HARD and it was big. I’m 6’2″ 260 lbs, if it hit me and moved me like that, it had to have been huge. My neice will never swim those waters again. Me personally, I hope to see Normie one day, and get a photo of him. We’ll see, but until then, I WILL NOT STOP swimming in the lake i’ve called home my whole life. Prolly just a big ugly gar, or catfish anyways.