Lake Norman Monster Sighting

River access near the top end of lake in Claremont area – 2012-Sometime

Sighting Reported By:
Claremont, NC


Not sure of the actual date, honestly I did not know this was even a website. I really have two things, one a story, and one a sighting that startled me. The story was from my best friends father who worked for the power plant near the lake. They had contractors that would check the underwater components near the dams and plant. Multiple times the divers would refuse to work in the waters due to sightings of large fish. This is from around 10 years ago.

My sighting which again I had no idea there were people who had seen this thing happened years ago. maybe 4 years or so. Some friends and I had gone to swim under a bridge that crosses highway 70 between Claremont and Catawba. It has since been blocked to public. One of my friends and I walked down the hill and to the left of the river where a decent little beach was and a little cove. The water was deep enough to wade into then drops to around 10 feet. I guess we startled the creature because suddenly the water kind of erupted like one big long creature in the cove began splashing and then went to the deep water. It was such a racket that you would think 10-15 small fish all jumped and swam off. It almost reminded me of a snake like it was all one creature that moved at the same time, I am trying to describe it.

Imagine a snake in water and it got startled multiple ripple in an are caused by the body parts leaving the area. The creature must have been large, 10-20 feet given the size of the cove. Needless to say, never went back to swim.