Lake Norman Monster Sighting

Near the Dam in Lake Norman – 2012-04-07

Sighting Reported By:
Anonymous Fisher
Mooresville, NC


So my uncle and I were out fishing one day, it has been a long time ago and we hooked something big. We ended up catching a huge 5ft Alligator Gar. Ugly things, they can get up to 12+ feet and they look like fat snakes with legs when they are in the water, they have a relitively small but long mouth…anyways there was a HUGE shadow in the water as we threw back the ugly thing and I swear it looked just like a 20 foot alligator gar… so if that is the monster everyone is describing I believe it needs to be removed from the lake before it hurts someone, they have big teeth when they are small, imagine how big the teeth are on a 20 footer…