Frequently Asked Interview Questions

I’ve compiled a few of the most common interview questions in an effort to make media research into the Web site easier.

Tell me a little about yourself…

I was born in 1974. My wife’s name is Amy and we have a daughter, Elizabeth.

I moved to Mooresville in the fall of 2000 when the company I worked for at the time relocated my department to the Lake Norman area.

I currently work in IT. I’ve also done work in marketing and advertising. I’m trained as a Web Designer and Graphic Artist.

How long has the site been live?

I posted the site in late May of 2002. It’s been growing ever since then.

What prompted you to start the site?

Who knows… boredom… curiosity… I’ve heard fish stories since I moved here. A friend and coworker of mine bought a boat not too long ago. After spending some time on the boat fishing and boating, my interest peaked in these fish tales. While my future in-laws were in town planning the upcoming wedding, I was trying to stay as far out of the hubbub as possible. I spent the time putting together a small site for people to submit their own monster fish stories. It was just for fun to start with. However, it’s taken on a life of it’s own and grown and grown and grown. The first month the site was live (May of 2002), I had a whopping 27 unique visitors. In June, the number of visitors jumped to 2,190. The number rose again in July to 2,228 visitors. In August, the number skyrocketed to 8,367 visitors that clicked into (And, yes, I am currently seeking sponsors for the site.)

Have you ever seen anything strange on the lake?

Have you ever been out on the lake on the weekend?
Seriously, I’ve never seen a “monster” myself, but — being a child at heart — I’m open to the possibility. I certainly have received many letters from visitors who have seen something and who believe that what they saw was the Lake Norman Monster.

What does the site offer to visitors?

The site offers a forum for visitor to read other people’s reports of sightings and submit a sighting of their own. Visitors can also read speculation about the existence of the “monster” as well as read actual facts about Lake Norman and the Catawba River. The site also offers FREE online games and FREE eCards. Visitors can send a friend an electronic postcard featuring images from and also pick up cards that they have been sent. Site visitors can also purchase merchandise featuring the Lake Norman Monster logo. We now have our own brand of fishing lures, monster calls, patches, pins and keychains.

How often do you update the Web site?

The site is updated rather frequently. I’ll put new sightings up as soon as I receive them. I’m also constantly searching for new and interesting facts about Lake Norman, the Catawba River and lake monsters in general.

What is Cryptozoology?

Cryptozoology is the study of creatures whose existence has not been substantiated.

Have you been in contact with any “experts” in Cryptozoology?

Yes, actually, I have. Shortly after the site started gaining popularity, I was contacted by a Swedish gentleman by the name of Jan-Ove Sundberg. Jan is the Expedition Leader of GUST – the Global Underwater Search Team. He’ s been featured twice on The Learning Channel – most recently in Loch Ness: The Search for the Truth. Jan has taken quite an interest in Lake Norman. He was even kind enough to write an exclusive introduction for the Web site. When the site first launched, he even featured on his Web site.


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