Lake Norman Monster Sighting

I-77 across Lake Norman – 2010-08-26

Sighting Reported By:
Easly, SC


I was driving to Virginia from Easley SC, going across the Lake on I-77, when not far from the road, about 25-30 feet out into the lake, the water was rolling. It wasn’t moving outward like a boat’s wake, but more of a forward motion while rolling. In fact, there weren’t even any boats nearby that could have created a wake anyway. It was the strangest thing and I wondered if there were a “sea monster” in the lake. Hahaha. And wasn’t I amazed on 08/26/2010 to hear the DJ on 106.9 kind of derisively ask if anyone had any Lake Norman monster sightings!! So, of course, I looked it up on the internet and here I am with my report. It was just the strangest thing driving along watching the water roll like it was doing! Glad I wasn’t IN the lake!