Lake Norman Monster Sighting

Beaties Ford Park – 2013-04-20

Sighting Reported By:
Denver, NC


We were at the beaties ford park in Denver with our two year old son, he was curious to see the boats about to launch into the water from the peir. We were standing on a grassy knoll where you can sit on a bench that overlooks a rocky bank. I was showing him where I work at MNS and right by where the sheriff launches their boat we saw this forward rolling wake, not a boat wake there were none out there at that moment, it was moving toward the cove that ranger island road ends on. It was very big to create a forward rolling wave…it was similar to the ones nessie would make. Im not saying this was nessie but whatever it was took its time toward that cove and it was very big. Simetimes it would go under a little and sometimes it would barely put its head out of the water. My husband and I watched it for about a minute and a half trying to figure this thing out. When it got out of sight into the cove we heard the geese start calling out to each other in warning and then flew off. This was very bizarre what we witnessed, We cant say what it was but it took its time and led a very big forward rolling wake! The wake was about 15 to 20 feet on each side (where it was in the middle) we were pretty far away and this wake was big.